SGSCC disAbility Hoist Training

SGSCC disAbility uses an automated hoist to assist clients during day program. This video demonstrates hoist preparation and use in our Bransgrove building.

SGSCC disAbility Hoist Training

SGSCC disAbility | Hoist Training Video


Remote Hoist Use
Presented by SGSCC disAbility 

Prepare Hoist, Set Up Hoist, Finalise Hoist 
Prepare Hoist 
Ensure PPE is applied 
Apply brake to wheelchair once in position 
Remove wheelchair belt from client
Place sling behind clients back. 
Each client will have own sling. 

Work with other staff to position sling down clients lower back 
Always communicate actions with client as you proceed 
Remove headrest
Colour straps are marked to match client needs.
Look for an X on numbered bar

Place lower leg straps under clients legs.
Cross Lower sling straps over each other as shown
In this example the straps are blue and Red -notice the X on strap .
Attach X sections of straps onto hoist hook as shown- 

SET UP hoist Operation
Hand Control for hoist
Hand control has UP or Down option.
Gently guide client towards hoist. 
Beware of travel area obstructions

Push Down Button of hand Control
When client is in position on bed remove straps from sling.
Move hoist away from client
Raise clients legs to better remove sling.

SGSCC | St George and Sutherland Community College.
Produced by SGSCC disAbility 2015.